Cylinder Head Replacement Cost

Cylinder Head Replacement Estimate (National Average)

Validated estimate range for national average.

The average cost for a Cylinder Head Replacement is between $1074 and $4893. Labor costs are estimated between $783 and $2143 while parts are priced between $291 and $2750. Estimate does not include taxes and fees.

Parts & Labor Breakdown
Labor: $783 - $2143
Parts: $291 - $2750
Estimate does not include taxes and fees.
Best Practices

Cylinder head or head gasket replacement is a large, time-consuming repair that often occurs when the engine has high mileage and/or the engine has been overheated. Due to these conditions several additional parts will be needed during the repair. These may include cooling system components (hoses, water pump, radiator, thermostat, etc.) vacuum lines, timing belt, ignition wires, and more. These will be in addition to the RepairPal estimate above.

Best Practices

To prevent an expensive, recurring problem, the integrity of the entire cooling system should be inspected and tested when a cylinder head/head gasket is replaced due to overheating.

Common Symptoms

A leaking head gasket or cracked cylinder head will often leak engine coolant into the oil, causing a "chocolate milk" like appearance and the oil level my be higher than normal.

Common Symptoms

Failed head gaskets or damaged cylinder heads can cause engine coolant to leak into the combustion chamber, producing a white, sweet-smelling smoke from the tail pipe.