BMW 850i Heater Blower Motor Replacement Cost.

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The average cost for a Heater Blower Motor Replacement is between $509 and $602. Labor costs are estimated between $246 and $311 while parts are priced between $263 and $291. Estimate does not include taxes and fees.
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Best Practices

After the repair, the heater motor should run normally at all speeds and in all modes, such as defrost, heat, etc. The new motor should be quiet and not vibrate.

Common Symptoms

Heater blower motors can be damaged by fluid leaking from a heater core or evaporator. Any fluid leaks near the heater blower need to be resolved or the new heater blower will be ruined.

Common Misdiagnoses

If you can hear the blower motor operating, but cannot feel air flow from the vents, there is a problem with the airflow controls, not the blower motor.