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AC Condenser Replacement Cost




$520 to $699
National Average
Estimate includes:


Parts (excludes tax & fees)


Best Practices
  • Any restrictions in the A/C system need to be identified and repaired or a recurring problem with the A/C condenser is likely.

  • We recommend replacing the A/C drier when the A/C condenser is replaced. The A/C drier acts as a moisture and debris filter for the A/C system and a new part will keep the repaired system clean. (This will add additional parts and labor cost to the estimate.)

Common Symptoms
  • A failing condenser will cause the A/C to stop cooling. The condenser is at the front of the vehicle, right in front of the radiator, and can be damaged by road debris or a even a small front end accident.

  • If they are found to be leaking, A/C condensers should be replaced.

Common Misdiagnoses
  • "Stop leak" compounds are not recommended, as they are a temporary solution and can damage A/C components, resulting in expensive repairs.

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