2004 Nissan Titan Q&A

2004 Nissan Titan Question: Estimated repair cost for rear axle repair or replacement

Rear end has failed and needs replacement parts and labor to install and repair -
Answer 1
need to know what parts need to be replaced. Roy -
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Thanks I thought of that after i posted the question. Sorry I just got the bad news from the mechanic who is currently looking at my truck as we speak. He says he looked inside the housing and saw a mess.Whatever that means. I was looking for a general answer i guess of overall cost. Thank you -
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assuming the worse, a rebuilt carrier assembly is about 500 ring and pinion is about 300 all bearings, seals and crush collar is about 125. labor is about 7-9 hours. this is assuming the axles are good. Roy -
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Overheating and/or lack of proper venting can cause the rear axle seals to leak. Excessive fluid loss can result in major damage to the rear differential assembly and/or axle bearings.