2002 Lexus SC430 Q&A

2002 Lexus SC430 Question: Estimated cost to replace turn indicator

Answer 1
do you mean the turn indicator lights? -
Comment 1
Yes on the right hand side of the steering column. It controls window washer and fluid and I think turn indicators -
Comment 2
Never been a signal light switch on the right (passenger) side! When sitting in the seat holding the steering wheel with both hands which side is this thing on? -
Comment 3
Right side. I know it controls windshield wiper and fluid because it is not working. -
Comment 4
Have you checked the fuses? That switch is a cluster of both wiper and sig. lights. I cant give a est. on the cost maybe another tech. can. I was hoping it was two separate switches for your sake but no luck. Be sure it aint a fuse! -