Estimated cost to replace the power steering hoses on 2004 Lincoln LS

No code has shown up ... I had noticed a slow leak that required topping off the fluid every week ... it now requires topping off prior to driving daily and it leaks fluid once parked. What is the estimated cost to replace the power steering hoses?

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When the P/S system is leaking you will want to identify the source of the leak first, then you can get an estimate for the repairs. It may just be a loose hose clamp or fitting, or a leaking steering rack, it's so hard to know without seeing it. Not the answer you asked for but it's the one I think that you need. Here are some shops near you if you need one:
What are your thought as far going to Suntrup Ford which is withing walking distance from my home ... I would assume that they could work on a Lincoln as far as a power steering problem while doing some additional service work such as flushing the radiator, checking the differencial and checking the U-joints
That sounds like an excellent idea. I don't know anything about this dealer, but proximity is great and their knowledge of your Lincoln should be more than adequate.
In most cases you can go in for an oil change special and they will perform a multi-point inspection of the vehicle at the same time, so they may be able to address this as part of that service.
Good Luck
Thanks for your time and assistance ....