1992 BMW 850i Q&A

1992 BMW 850i Question: estimate for R&R transmission

I want to shop for transmission replacement. Can you help? -
Answer 1
Call Tom he's the owner of bayshore transmission in Burlingame 650-579-7711 http://www.bayshoretransmissions.com/ Tell him Repairpal.com sent you -
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Thank you. I will call them. -
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Tom does the work himself and he has a clean shop and stands by his work -
Answer 2
I know you're prepared for the price just accept it and enjoy the car. -
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I got one estimate of $6K, but I also felt that this shop wasn't eager to do the work. I want to go to a shop very familiar with this work, right tools, knowledge etc. I do feel that good work costs but I also want to do some due diligence before spending that much. SO,.. please tell me what you are talking about. Your note is unclear to me. -
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6K is lite! It's a 6K transmission and you still need 10 hours to install and program it. You'll spend in the neighborhhod of 8K to do it right. We redo 10 jobs a year on BMWs that were damaged by those who just don't have the tools or experience. -
Answer 3
For this car I would recommend Four Car Garage on Calif. Dr. in Burlingame. Let them know Gary from Pacific Auto sent you. -