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2001 Saturn L300 Question: Estimate

Ok, took your advice and went and had it checked out by the dealer. Said it's the "body control module not communicating with the vehicle" "dtc(diagnostic trouble code U10640. Their estimate was $488. Two questions: (1) does that sound reasonable? And (2) they said it's not a safety issue--do you agree? Thanks -
Answer 1
The code sounds reasonable for the problem you are having. What exactly are they planning to replace for $488? The safety issue is another concern, as things are now the communication issue is not much of a problem. However, if the problem worsens and more system become involved with this communication issue then your car may leave you stranded. -
Answer 2
i had one replaced by the saturn dealer, it ran 550. get it fixed right away because mine started adding miles to the odometer, 8,000 miles in one week to be exact, and they can not take the miles off of the odometer -
Answer 3
Mine did the same thing and mine was the bcm computer as well. They told me if I ordered the part it was $400 and I had to install it myself for that price -
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