2003 Toyota Camry Q&A

2003 Toyota Camry Question: Est.cost of repair cost for rack & pinion leak on pass.side Just found yesterday

Was discover at WALMART during oil change . They do not fix that type on problem. -
Answer 1
Have a MECHANIC look at it to determine what needs to be done. -
Comment 1
Do you have any idea of range of prices? I have hear horror stories about a woman alone going to shops, usually deal with dealership but their charges are to high for my pocket, If I had a guess to cost it would help. This seems to be a great site although I am very new to it. -
Comment 2
Go to the home page here and click on the Estimator at the top of the page, enter the info. it ask for and you will get a ballark price. You need to have it checked out by a qualifed mechanc! You do not have to go to a dealer. -