Error codes P0122,0440, 1404, 1635,0107... rolls over but wont stay running on 2000 Pontiac Bonneville

Car was running at a high idle around 1500-3000 rpms sometimes would shift weird. sometimes would stall when parking, started to run rough when i pulled into lot and seemed that didnt respond when pressed gas. pulled it in and shut it off. now when i try and start it it will try to start but sounds rough and wont fire up

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When I see that many codes I often wonder if someone started unplugging things to see if it would make a difference. The next step is pick one and see what you find. A P0122 is throttle position sensor signal low, possible causes are a loss of the reference voltage to the sensor, or a grounded signal wire.

Do you have a scan tool that will let you see the data that the PCM is seeing? If the voltage shows low in the data, now go out to the sensor and use a voltmeter to see if it measures the same out there as the scan data shows. Then see if the 5v reference is there.

There could be a common cause for a number of these codes, something "shorting" and pulling the 5v reference down could easily do it. You might need a technician to sort through this for you.