error code p0783 on Suzuki Reno

Average mileage: 61,666 (15,000–131,000)
Drive Train affected: Automatic Transmission
2 model years affected: 2006, 2008
3 people reported this problem
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2008 Suzuki Reno- Automatic Transmission15,000
the check engine light came on a couple of weeks ago, i finally took the car to auto zone to see what was the problem and i found 3 codes po700 , po783 and po734 . i don`t know what to do.
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Transmission is failing to shift betw. 3 and 4 gear, engine light is on and the dtc is P0783. Now I took the car with me to S. America before this and now no one knows here what to do....
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2006 Suzuki Reno- Automatic Transmission131,000
Same issues, bucking CEL comes on if you clear the codes and drive normally its fine if you punch it it starts acting up.
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