Erratic oil pressure readings due to PCM software issue on Dodge Ram Van 2500

Intermittent erratic oil pressure readings may be caused by a PCM software issue. There is revised software available to correct this condition.
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Average mileage: 119,000 (119,000–119,000)
Engine affected: 5.2L V8
1 model year affected: 2002
2 people reported this problem
1 person shared problem details
2002 Dodge Ram Van 2500- 5.2L V8119,000
It started with the "check gauges" light coming on with an alert sound & only the oil gauge dropping instantly from normal operating pressure to 0 & then would return anywhere from instantly or after a few seconds. This would only happen as I.... 1). Was coming to a stop, after/as I put my brakes on 2). Decelerated on flat road 3). Any type of left turn It's a 2002 Dodge Ram van 2500, 5.2 liter engine. 318 cu. in.
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