erratic idle no power service engine light flashes on 2004 Chevrolet Blazer

car was running fine 1 moment then try to start then it rumbled smell of rotten egg heard a pop since then it has been running erratic.code p0101& p0300 from autozone took to shop fuel preasure ok spark plugs wires are good 2plugs where filed.put new plugs in new ign. coil pcv valve new ,changed fuel filter .the #4&3# valve missfiring.while driving there is no real power sometimes it make a ping sound while driving. check the gas cap its good.thinking of replace the control mod.& the knock sensor also throttle position sensor.only family car need help please.

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i would say that the catalic converter colapsed, loss of power,pinging and bad fuel milage is a really good sign of the converter.
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I dont have an answer, but I have an 2007 impala ss and it is doing the same thing. My service traction control light is on as well as the check engine which blinks on and off with. It rides rough with this vowl smell which smells like rotten eggs it also misfire. I took it to the dealer the second time it happened to me and GM claim that there was not a fix for it until Jan. or Feb of this year, if I'm lucky. The car is now in the shop for the same problem.