Erratic fuel gauge on 2004 Cadillac Escalade

Is it safe to assume that the fuel gauge is defective if it reads erratically but the digital range readings are precise and after adding fuel the digital range reading looks correct but the needle will read anyware from full to all the way around clockwise to E. On a trip the all the digital readings seem normal. Doesn't the fuel sending unit data go to both the gauge and the fuel computer were the digital info comes from?

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This does sound logical, it might be good to see the info verified on a scanner.
As for the gauge, be sure to check the instrument cluster computer. See if you can do a gauge check, to be sure it is only the gauge and not a printed circuit board issue.On more modern vehicles, the gauges are a bit more complex to remove and replace.

The dealer would not give me an estimate on repair cost until they did a scan. I'll get them to scan it today and take it from here. Easy to remove and send out for repair if it is just the gauge.

Just got back from yhe dealer.........gauge is defective. Replace cluster. Since the car has 93,000 miles I am out of the recall limits (80,000 miles), I contacted the Cadillac reps to lean on them to get the cluster to be replaced under the recall. If not there are plenty of suppliers that rebulld these clusters for arround $70, instead of $475 dealer charge.

Thanks again.