eratic starts and stops on 2003 Ford Taurus

My 2003 Ford Taurus sometimes will not start.Cold or hot engine does not matter.Then sometimes it will dies say @ a mile or 2 later and sometimes it starts and sometimes it dont so I will go back later and it starts.Sometimes it goes for a day or two before it does this and I was wondering if this could be the computer?Also one mechanic says it could be the starter as the wires run through the relay on the starter and the starter being grounded sometimes might be the problem.How can a starter be grounded sometimes and not other times.Thanks in advance for any help.Rick

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I could see a starter causing a no crank condition but I'm not sure why it would cause a stalling problem like you're describing.

Do you have any warning lights illuminated while driving? If no lights, it could be fuel related. If the fuel pump is starting to wear out, it may work intermittently and cause the car to stall. Does it seem to be making more noise than usual? An ignition module may cause a similar problem as the module warms, the circuit goes 'open' causing the car to die suddenly. I know of some Honda's and Toyota's that experience this problem but I don't know if Ford's had a similar problem. hope this helps!