Erase the OBD and now no reading on 1996 Pontiac Sunfire

I bought an Innova 3100 and accidentally erase the OBD data and after 1.5 weeks I don't have any reading from the Innova reader. Any idea what it is causing this issue or How long will it take to get data into the OBD?

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Whenever an error happens that the computer recognizes, it will set a code.
The reader Innova displays "there is not data to record", so there is no error or how long does it take to record?
Is yor our service engine light on.
No Professor, there is no lights on and there was the engine light on before because I did change the gas cap but accidentally I delete the data with my OBD reader
As long as the light is not on then there is no data. Several times the light is on and we clear the codes to weed out false codes. The light can stay on for quite a while before the computer will shut it off. The computer will turn it back on the the fault comes back. Right now it doesn't have one. You are fine. No Worries
ProfessorG, thanks a lot , your the man, good nite
Good night and you're welcome.
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