Epc was on lost power reset no epc light but still no power on 2002 Volkswagen Golf

Okay so I was taking a 2 hour road trip I was about maybe an hour in and my epc light comes on but nothing happened so I was just like ok Well maybe 30 minutes later I had my cruise control on going about 70mph and my rpms just drop to zero my car jerks and I lose all power so I pull over and cut the car off and crank it back up and it's running fine again maybe 10 minutes and it does it again I continue to drive it and notice it will only go 59mph and it won't go over 4000rpm This is with my foot pressed to the floor! Well I changed out the coil pack thinking that was it and went to test drive it and it won't change gears(automatic transmission) if I go from 1-3 it does but in drive it will not change I can get up to any speed but my rpms stay high obviously from it not changing gears!!! Someone please help me!

by in Scottsboro, AL on August 18, 2014
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