EPC Code on 2002 Volkswagen Jetta

The EPC code came on last night, continued to drive car and did not notice loss/decrease of power, just found out car is on recall for catyltic converter, would this set off epc code?

by in Barnstead, NH on February 05, 2010
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ANSWER by on February 05, 2010
The EPC stands for the Electronic Power Control, which is basically the Drive by Wire Accelerator and Electronic Throttle Body system This is a common fault for VW and requires a Diagnosis of the system, code retrieval and detection. The Catalytic Converters have been a problem for VW as well and are not related to the EPC faults. I do emissions work in Calif. and have replaced many VW Cat Converters and also have done several EPC system repairs and I have never seen connection.
COMMENT by on February 05, 2010
Thank you for the info. do you have an educated guess as to the cost for the epc fix?
COMMENT by on February 05, 2010
Thanks for the info. So basically I need to find out if it is Throttle body or drive by wire related? Are these as expensive as they sound?
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