EPC Code on 2002 Volkswagen Jetta

The EPC code came on last night, continued to drive car and did not notice loss/decrease of power, just found out car is on recall for catyltic converter, would this set off epc code?

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The EPC stands for the Electronic Power Control, which is basically the Drive by Wire Accelerator and Electronic Throttle Body system This is a common fault for VW and requires a Diagnosis of the system, code retrieval and detection.
The Catalytic Converters have been a problem for VW as well and are not related to the EPC faults. I do emissions work in Calif. and have replaced many VW Cat Converters and also have done several EPC system repairs and I have never seen connection.
Thank you for the info. do you have an educated guess as to the cost for the epc fix?
Thanks for the info. So basically I need to find out if it is Throttle body or drive by wire related? Are these as expensive as they sound?