engine/motor loose on 2003 Mercedes-Benz SL500

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I had several repairs and services done and when i picked up my car they had listed many things needing attention one of which was to tighten down my engine . He ask me if i had noticed it to be loud and vibrate... i hadn't really but now i do and i would like to know more about this . can't find info listed as egine or motor loose or tightening of????? please recommend a source to research this. Any Information you might have have would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
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They must be referring to worn motor mounts, which is a very common maintenance need over time, and is also consistent with these symptoms. Check this page for more info on your car:
pop the hood, wit foot ON brake, rev the GAS for just a second. Doe syour engine heave up like 2-3 inches on one side? I had to replace my left engine mount...$100 part, about 2.5 hrs labor. hope this helps