engine wont start, security and airbag lights on on 2006 GMC Savana 2500

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had to change the motor out in our van, hooked everything bacj up now it will not start. the security light and airbag light stay on.
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We ordered this van from the factory and there is no anti theft, now all gauges stay on with no key in ignition
you mention your security light thats for the PASSLOCK SECURITY SYSTEM. i didnt mean an alarm. I believe theres issues with the system not only or yours but other models as well. Why was the engine replaced in the first place if I may ask? does your key have a chip in it or not?
Changed the oil and cranked back up knocking real bad took oil pan off found alot metal shavings. Think ours has passlock3. No key in ignition all gauges are on, hubby just now wiggled starter wires gauges went off interior light came on. Still no crank
check all electrical connections and grounds make sure they are clean and secured specially batt to starter since it sounds like the culprit with the light issue. make sure all fuses are not blown maybe something shorted out thru the process. Changing an engine is a lot of work and attention to details. I would suggest taking a break for a few mins and go back go thru the process again to make sure everything was put back together correctly. If everything checks good and your back to the security light being on, i can help with that. good luck