engine wont start on 2000 Lincoln LS

i was leaving my daughters caycare when all of a sudden my car putted,my battery light came on then the car stalled at light,i replaced the battery but when i tur key it try to start but wont actually start up,AAA came an towed my car home an told me he could haer my fuel pump start an said i need to replace ( any suggestions?)

by in Cincinnati, OH on December 13, 2010
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ANSWER by , December 13, 2010
My first Question would be what kind of car is it. The next thing that needs to be checked is fuel pressure. The fuel pump can run but if it is not creating pressure it wont start. I would also check for spark and make sure the car is in time. All car need spark, fuel and to be in time to run. The best thing to do is have someone check these things out for you. Don
COMMENT by , December 13, 2010
Ita a 2000 lincoln LS v8, it sat for two an i went out to try to start it again an it started up but died out again, the AAA guy who came to check it out told me the fuel pump wasnt running an it could be that.
COMMENT by , December 13, 2010
yes a fuel pump not running will definetly cause a no start. but many fuel pumps are quiet enough that you will never hear them run. we have had a lot of cars towed in and the driver says its a bad fuel pump and that not be the problem. I would suggest having someone look at it to be sure. fuel pumps are rather expensive to be guessing. If you need anymore help let me know. Don
COMMENT by , December 13, 2010
Your right don, i will take your advise an seek another opinion sir. thank you very much.