Engine won't start on 2001 Toyota Camry

While I was driving my car the oil gasket came off and minor smoke start to come out of the engine. I have check the starter, alternator, and battery. Everything seems to be working out fine, but when I try to start the car the power came on but it hesitate and will not start the engine. When I notice the smoke, my engine did not make any sounds or shakes.. Everything seems to be fine except for the minor smokes. Please help.

by in Santa Ana, CA on June 17, 2011
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ANSWER by on June 17, 2011
You may have gotten oil into the alternator causing charging probs for the battery. How did you check the alternator? Or take to a shop for starting system check after jump starting the battery. If you already did that and did not say in your post then richard cranium is at work again here.
COMMENT by on June 18, 2011
Starter and alternator have been removed and tested. Both tested ok. I tried to turn the crankshaft and it will not move.
COMMENT by on June 18, 2011
Here we go again. Richard Cranium. Tell all of the info in your original post instead of us having to ask these questions and wasting our time. When you say you tried to turn crankshaft do you mean you tried to start with key or you tried to use a tool to spin engine and the engine would not spin with the tool? Say what you actually did for christ sakes. If you lost enough oil, you have never said whether you lost oil and had to add or what. If you lost enough you may have seized the engine at the bearings. When you people ask for help we need to have the COMPLETE story in the order that it happened and what you did during that time in the order that it happened. WE ARE NOT MIND READERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
COMMENT by on June 18, 2011
I appologize. I tried to spin the crankshaft with a tool and it will not move. I did loosen the alternator belt to reduce the tension on the pully. I did refill the oil that was lost.
COMMENT by on June 18, 2011
You have likely ran too low on oil and seized engine.
COMMENT by on June 18, 2011
Do you have a suggestion on how to unseized the engine? Thank U for your help in advance
COMMENT by on June 18, 2011
If in fact it has seized it would need to be tore down, replace bearings, remachine cam and crankshaft or replace them and inspect/address anything else found during disassembly.
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