engine won't start on 1996 Saturn SC2

I Have spark between no4 and no1 coil pack. I took the wires off and crank and the spark is jumping between the coil terminals very strong. Next I check for fuel pump operation and it is operating I also went to the fuel line and while cranking the car release the gas through the line to make sure I am getting gas. I am getting good gas pressure and good spark so the crank position sensor is not bad. Please tell me where to look next. I am about to do a compression test on all four cylinders to see if there is a possibility she jump timing. What other problems could create a no start condition in a Saturn. Cpt Trevor

by in Lehigh Acres, FL on January 15, 2011
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ANSWER by on January 15, 2011
do your compression test as planned, if that isn't your problem also check for injector pulse. they may not be opening, to supply the fuel in the rail to enter the cylinders. Also some of the security systems, will shut down the injectors to disable the car from being started.
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