Engine wont fire on 2000 Hyundai Elantra

Engine will not fire, when cranked checked the following
Power to coil with key on 12.8 volts
power to cam position sensor with key on 12.8
coils checked secondasry and primary windings are with in specs.
has timing belt still installed and have compression
no spark exist when cranking the engine so no output from coil using spark dectector.
PCM shows no codes
what could i check next next?

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Check your Crankshaft Sensor and your Camshaft Sensor, very common. Any codes in your computer for these, any Check Engine or Service Engine Soon Lights ever come, because there will be a code that will REALLY help you if they did before the car stopped running. I have replaced a lot of Cam and Crank Sensors on these vehicles.
See if you have injector pulse when you Crank the engine if not, then this is more evidence leading to a Cam/Crank Sensor problem.
Thanks for the suggestion When reading the Manual its states the Cam Sen and Coil are the key to the dist less system operating the spark.
I did relpace the cam sensor with a used sensor out of a salvaged yard and then the crank sensor still no spark.. it was having a problem with dieing in gear before this started.. then it would die and not start I disconnected the batt.. it ran for a few days. then when I shut it off several days later it would not start at all. and this happened.. I was looking at the wireing sysmatic its showes up stream of the coil and the cam sensor is a engine control relay i was thinking it might need to be checked but i wonder if the computer is bad or a wire between the out put of the cam sensor and the computer? what do you think? By the way should the injector read when its cranking only?