Engine will turn over but will not start. on 1991 Volvo 940

My car began to chug along like it was misfiring. It then stop. I was able to restart, drove a little and it shut off again. Finally, got it to idle but after a minute or two it shut off. Barely got it home, chugging, shutting off, restarting and repeating this until I got home.

by in Los Angeles, CA on March 25, 2011
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ANSWER by on March 27, 2011
You could be haveing a relay going bad. There are 2 relays one for injectors & One for fule injection . And i would check the rpm senor on top of the ball housing. Call me @ 818 718 6138 thank you Mark
COMMENT by on March 28, 2011
Thanks for the reply. I have checked the relays and they work. However, I am going to take your advise and check the rpm sensor. Someone told me that is this sensor is not working, eventually your car will not start. Again, thanks much and if I run into something and need and explanation, I will give you a call.
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