1993 BMW 325i Q&A

1993 BMW 325i Question: Engine will turn but wont start.

Checked fuel components and electrical components, ignition system, plugs and wires, even fuel injectors are all good. The internet points me to a CKP, I want to be sure before I spend more money. I am not sure where the CKP it is located on the inline v6 engine on a 93 BMW 325i. Starter fluid test failed, there is no ignition -
Answer 1
could be a crankcase position sensor. they're located top of engine intake side. chances are you've got an ignition computer module not sending a spark to the coil -
Answer 2
I want to say the crank sensor also wrote some prints on located in different places on the crank pulley ,under the starter. did YOU get it started if so tell WHAT YOU did TO get it going. share your knowledge... -
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