Engine will not turn over what could be wrong? on 1992 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

I have changed the fuel filter, fuel lines, fuel pressure regulator and bought a new battery. When ever I try to start the car it just will not turn over what else could be the problem?

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i don't know
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By won't turn over do you mean when you turn the key to start nothing
happens at all. Motor does not turn no sound nothing. If this is the case
sounds to me like the starter is shot.
It makes noise but its like its out of gas. I have gas in the tank. Its not the starter either.
did you ever figure this problem out? I am having the same troubles with my cutlass.
seek a diag and est instaed of throwing parts at it.
ONE exception.........I like throwing large parts at VOLKSWAGENS and making big dents.......sorry Greg.
lmao ok keep up the good work