Engine will not start in hot weather on 1995 Nissan Maxima

At temperatures over 70 degrees, there's no ignition, no starter, no sound at all when I turn the key. I have to wait until the air temperature drops to get the engine started. It did this last summer and I thought it was excess pressure in fuel system, but releasing the pressure in the gas tank doesn't work consistently. No problem all winter, but now it's back. What can cause this?

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I would start by looking at the battery connections making sure they are clean tight and secure. Remove the panels around the ignition switch so you can look at the wires going to the ignition switch. A 30 Amp fuse brings power to the ignition switch, the black wire with a white strip becomes live (12v) when the ignition key is turned to the starter position.The black wire with a red strip should have 12 volts when the ignition key is in the run and or ignition position. If the car wont crank or has no dash lights at all coming on it will have nothing to do with fuel pressure as it won't actually produce fuel pressure until the engine is cranking or running.
It seems strange that you have this starting/no power issues when it over 70 degrees outside but not when it is cold. When it is cold the battery and starter are normally under more pressure to start the engine and it is also harder to burn and atomize fuel when it is cold.
The reason I suggest removing the trim panel and checking voltage at the ignition switch is that is the best place to start. The ignition witch has to have power present at the switch and must distribute that power as the key is turned to operate accessories and the starter motor when turned to the start position.
autotecpat - I'll check all of this, but out of curiosity, how are these affected by warm temperatures? I have zero problem all winter and complete failure in warm weather. Thanks.
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Paul: Did you get to the bottom of your hot weather starting problem? I've been having the EXACT same issue over the last summer and it's going on again this spring. I keep the windows down when I can and a sun shade in the front window. I'm going to replace the relay first and then try a new ignition switch if that doesn't do it. Have you figured it out at all?
Just want to say thanks guys for your input on my problem with my car mechanics these days are worse than con artist or thieves,you have been a lot of help again thanks.will let you know what the outcome is later.
I have a 01 Maxima as well.. It has a hard start sometimes. Do you think it is the coils as well ? Or the sparks plugs?