engine will not run unless using a booster battery, and will not hold a charge on 2000 Ford Ranger

i just replaced the alternator, winshield wiper/ multi cintrol switch, and a few minor parts i had the battery tested and it was good it will start with a jumper battery but when i remove the cables it dies ive gone through every fuse but still no joy im thinking it could be the fusible link but could not locate it the cables are good and tight

by in East Bernard, TX on March 07, 2013
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ANSWER by , March 07, 2013
IF the battery tested good why do you have to jump it to crank it? Also when tested at the battery what is the alt. output? Can leave jumper hooked up to test. Clean cables to start with. Do you have those repair terminal ends on the cables?
COMMENT by , March 07, 2013
have to jump because it has sat for over a month when the alternator failed still stock cables no repair ends the battery is only a year old i was worried about checing the voltage with the jumper hooked up because i thought it would read the other cars voltage
COMMENT by , March 07, 2013
Though you were using a jumper box. Charge battery with a charger then check alt voltage. If battery sat long enough to become completlely discharged in freezing temps. it is shot!! That fliud in a battery when in a fully discharged state is WATER and it will freeze warping batt. plates. Had any temps. cold enough to make ice in a cup of water?
COMMENT by , March 07, 2013
it hasnt been under 34f here for the winter and the nearest place with a cahrger is 20+ miles away ill hook the car up to it and let it charge tomorrow im going to recheck the wiring as well i might have missed something ill ahve the battery retested this weekend as well and pull the cables and recheck them
COMMENT by , March 07, 2013
Next week a cold snap is headed your way! AccuWeather. No lower than 34 this winter, nice!
COMMENT by , March 08, 2013
found the fusible link and tested it it is dead and located easily on the side of the main power distribution box now ill still test the battery and the cables again just to be sure thanks all of the help
COMMENT by , March 08, 2013