1996 Chrysler Town & Country Q&A

1996 Chrysler Town & Country Question: Engine will not fire. New coil pack and crank pos sensor,all fuses good.

The engine still will not fire. What can I do now? -
Answer 1
Check fuel pressure... should be around 49 psi. -
Comment 1
I will check that... thankyou. Ironic,the car is from Fla. one othr question for you... will the ECM give you any indication it's going to fail? -
Comment 2
Sometimes yes sometimes no. Think of it like other electronic devices, a TV for example. Sometimes it acts funny for a little bit sometimes it just won't start up any more. To check for a computer you will need some equipment and technical know how. First step is to see if the drivers in the computer are triggering the coils and fuel injectors. A shorted coil could shut down the drivers. You will also need to know what inputs the computer is receiving or not. A good shop should be able to diagnose it. -
Comment 3
Thankyou for your help. Your absolutly wright about electronics; especially old ones. Btw, hope there isn't any "aftershocks" in your city due to the things going on in Sanford tonight. Thanks again and God bless. -