Engine was running fine, then it did not want to start later that day? on 2001 Nissan Xterra

Battery is fine and the starter was changed and still no crank, engine turns over fine by hand so it did not seize. Help

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If the timing belt is ok, replace the distributor ASSEMBLY, with a NEW one!!
You can thank me later when your engine starts!
Tested the car with direct current to the starter and it fired up and stayed on, problem is that it will not fire up when starting it up from the ignition key
Didn't see that posted! Does it crank (turn over) with the key?
No that's where we have the problem, I'm guessing its electrical
Now we'er getting somewhere! Manual or auto trans? Turn key on, everything work as it should? Turn key to start ANY response or change from dash lights etc?
Everything works fine on the dash panel as far as all the lights, the only thing is the check engine light was on, but now that we start it manually the abs light goes on as's an automatic trans
Possible ignition switch or park neutral switch, have you tried to crank it in neutral? Turn key to START while a helper checks for voltage on small wire at starter. Should have battery voltage! If not you may need a mechanic to check it out.
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check fuse #12 which supplies power to the park/neutral safety relay if it is good then you could have a problem with the park/neutral relay (should be in the underhood fuse box), the neutral safety switch (on the transmission), the ignition switch, of any of the wiring or connections in between the ignition switch and the starter.

Other than replacing parts - you can swap the relay with another relay in the fuse box for quick check, if it works replace the relay - you will need a wiring diagram, and understanding of how to test electrical circuits and a volt meter.

Even though the lights come on in the dash, sometimes an ignition switch wears out the contacts to the starter circuit.

Also, if the vehicles is equipped with a factory anti-theft system or after market alarm with a starter disable feature, both have additional components which can prevent the starter for engaging.

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This seem to fit my problem, did you find out what the problem was?. I replace battery, cleaned terminals, new starter/sol. No contact at all, all happen after cutting it off to run into the store.