2004 Volvo S60 Q&A

2004 Volvo S60 Question: engine vibration when brakes applied to slow down vehicle

my engine vibrate when brakes applied to slow down the vehicle -
Answer 1
seek to diagnose. you could check motor/engine mount, suspension and brake system. -
Answer 2
I agree with answer one. You have bad brake rotors and all mounts that mount the engine and trans are bad. -
Comment 1
Ok thanks you guys for all your advise all the said things mentioned are in good condition,I discovered that the airflow meter is full of greasy type of oil I clean with tune up spray and Crc and engine is running perfect without any vibration this car so far cross 8800 km without a single fault this is my first fault since 2004 when I buy my babe new from the dealer,really this car is called IRON I am a caterpillar specialist and I take good care of this babe I don't work on cars but I think with your help I can do better. Thanks all again, I only now want to know how to replace the gear knob please !!!!! -