ENGINE TURNS OFF on 2006 Toyota Corolla

my car all the sudden shuts down as if had run out of gas. it takes a little while to start again but it continues to shut down, tank is full. it turns if like when you run out of gas and it wont rev-up or accelerate. please help, hopefully its something simple that i can fix since i am unemployed.

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Has the Check Engine light come on? If the engine shuts down you would think the car's on board computer would catch a glitch and record it in its memory. Has your car any warranty seems too new to have this problem?
If the Check Engine Light has come on the problem is recorded , (like a black box in an airplane) and the most efficient way of fixing the car is to get it properly diagnosed. A professional quality scan tool can be used to monitor sensors and read live data with the car running to catch a problem look for a good independent Toyota specialist in your area.
Check the basics, ensure your battery connections are clean and tight.
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If you have an 'AUTO ZONE' in your area, they will do your electronics check for FREE and will also provide you with free technical assistance, at least in my area they do it this way. If it turns out to be a warranty issue, you can then take it to your nearest dealership for service. It may simply be need changing a fuel filter; sometimes if your car ran very low of gas in the tank, sediment can clog the fuel delivery.
is your car a CE model made in Canada???