1992 Toyota 4Runner Q&A

1992 Toyota 4Runner Question: engine turns but wont start

engine turns but wont start what is the most common problem -
Answer 1
For a mechanically good internal combustion engine needs the following things to run: fuel, air, ignition - in the right time. Lack of these could cause the no start condition. I'd check spark first, than fuel pressure and go from there. Zee -
Answer 2
Check for fuel, bridge B+ and FP in the black diagnostic socket box in the engine compartment that makes fuel pump run, check for spark at plugs and then check for mechanical integrity (compression engine components in synchronization. ). -
Answer 3
distributer cap -
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we replaced the clutch, now wont start it just clicks so we replaced the starter. it will start if we pull it off. we have checked battery, checked wiring everything is connected. any suggestions