engine turning but no ignition firing on 1996 Plymouth Neon

2 days ago while driving on the interstate at 70mph WITH cruise control ON and alot of rain when the car suddenly decelerated as if I had turned the cruise control off. We were near an Oasis so we pulled off and I looked under the hood for obvious things like fan belts, coolant hoses, oil loss,etc. The only thing I seen was alot of water on top of the battery and an adjacent electrical box I assumed to be the "electronic brain" of the vehicle.

We finished our trip to the tune of approximately 120 miles and had no further problems with the car excepting the "Check engine soon" idiot light was on. we used the car for local errands Monday with no problems. Yesterday was Tuesday and the car sat outside without starting or running. This morning the car will turn over but will not fire. Any suggestions????

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sounds like a distributor cap problem. Often cracks in the exterior can cause loss of electrical power. Had it happen in rain and snow storms before.
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check your crankshaft sensor. Cheap at
I have a 1995 Neon, I had a similar problem and it was a nightmare for me. To make a long story short.......change the Auto shut down (ASD) relay in the fuse box. It is the easiest and cheapest potential cause of your problem, and it is quite frequently overlooked.

If it isn't that I would start thinking about a faulty fuel pump. If you do decide to try the fuel pump go to a pick-a-part, I paid $25 for a used one VS $350 for a new one. It could also (but not likely) be the fuel filter. I say that's unlikely because of the design of the fuel pump (built-in filter) and the fact that it's a plastic gas tank.

Good Luck, I hope it's your ASD relay.