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1999 Ford Taurus Question: Engine Trouble

My oil light came on and the car hesitated, I drove about a half a mile to be able to turn around and head home and the car quit. I checked the oil in it and it was fine. When trying to restart the car it sounded like a dog whining. Like a belt. I have been told that the motor might be seized. What do you think it could be. 1999 ford taurus. have had it 6 years. -
Answer 1
If the oil level is good, there are a couple things it could be. It's possible it's a faulty oil pressure sensor but this seems less likely since the engine quit. If the oil pump failed or the pickup screen clogged and you did lose oil pressure, this can be serious. I would definitely not try to start it until you have a chance to have it looked at. If you really don't have oil pressure, attempting to start it only increases the risk of damage. Tow it, do not try to drive it to a shop and have it checked. Sorry about your car, an oil pressure problem is really nothing to take lightly -
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