engine transplant on 1996 GMC 2500 Pickup

Engine is dead and the lowest quote was about 5000 to repair. I want to put a cummins from a 96 dodge in and I am wondering what all I will need to replace

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I used to do this type of work before it was fun but I had access to professional tools, welder wiring schematics and metal working tools top fabricate anything I needed. This type of work particularly on newer vehicles becomes difficult due to all the electrics/electronics involved. You have to figure out how to mate the engine to the transmission, so you would end up using a Cummins compatible transmission and electronics associated with that, then every single component exhaust ect.... are all custom made parts. It becomes a very expensive proposition. You may also run into problems registering the truck (need to get it re-certified with the DMV (and your insurance company may look at it as a custom/modified car").
I always tell people considering a project like this to sell there truck and buy the truck they want unless it is a labor of love and you realize you are going to get into a real expensive project (I work on race cars, I love that type of work).
check ford they have the exact adapetrs for anything you can swap a cummins into