engine ticking and finally gone dead on 2006 Chrysler Pacifica

My car engine was ticking (sound) took to a mechanic told me to replace the rocker arms but can drive the way it is and will cause no harm..
Later on in the morning the car would miss untill dirven for more than 5 mins.
after a month of driving the car started switching off when i applied brakes and the rpm would jump and suddenly to 0 and off.. the same time after one hour started having LOUD sound and the car was loosing power the more i accelarated the louder the sound but no speed and then it shut off completely..
I know for now my engine is gone but i dont know the reason if it was for the rocker arm or something else. Gave it to a mechanic and said the oil pan had some aluminium particles in it. Anyways if anyone knows the reason please let me know and I am looking for a mechanic to fix at a good rate because the prices are expensive to rebuild the while thing r te replace the engine..
Any mechanics out there can give me a good deal? or 3479061118

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poss try good used engine. the metal could be a million things and its not worth the tare down to find out.
I know but I was thinking if it was because of the rocker arms? The cost of repair is really expensive.
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I would call an auto wrecker to get a price on a good used engine!!!
The prices are like 1500 and the mileage on the engine are over 100k
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