engine tapping in winter on 1998 Oldsmobile Cutlass

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Can't quite figure this out... The past 2 winters my car has been making a tapping or clicking noise when i turn it over. after I let it sit for about 10 minutes, the tapping seems to go away, and even if I rev the engine up it still has an issue. Also, every single time it makes that tap noise, my engine chugs like it wants to stall. If I take off without letting it warm up, usually my car chugs jerks going down the road, which is becoming a pain. I listened to the motor, but all I notice is that the sound seems to be coming from the lower part of the engine. Any ideas?
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you may want to thin the engine oil during the colder months. use 5w30 when its cold and 10w30 when its warmer. its best to allow your car to warm up at idle for at least 5 minutes if its really cold because the rapid temperature change and uneven temperatures could cause metal pieces to warp and start to leak, leading to bigger problems.