engine system still fails to start on 1995 Ford Explorer

I've replaced the starter, cylinoid, battery and system still fails to start after short trips, and the battery shows power over the median gage. Why isn't the battery staying charged. On occasion a jump start would work and bring battery level back up. The last time this effort failed. Is there a bad connection to systems?

by in Denver, CO on June 08, 2011
1 answer
ANSWER by on June 08, 2011
You may have a parasitic draw on the system. A parasitic draw is when you turn the car off some component is still drawing electricity. Another possibility is the ignition switch may be malfunctioning.
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Just happened today, no recent problems. check under car small drops of fluid. started car kinda slow to start but ran it for good t3-4 mins then lights come on.
Engine light on all the time. Car will start, go well then all of a sudden, revs drop, no acceleration. Will idle, revs good but is in limp mode. Sometimes can restart and it goes well then it stop...
When I try to start my Explorer, the engine just turns over slowly with sluggish, sick sound and does not start. The battery is good and I am getting spark. Any ideas what is going on?

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