engine suddenly stopped. engine/timing chain damage repair or replacement cost? on 2004 Pontiac Vibe

Its the 6 speed manual GT, 2zz-ge engine. Towed to dealer, they found valve compression issues, but want to charge me $450 to take it apart and look deeper. 100000 miles. Always changed oil on time, used synthetic, no other issues.

heard a clanking noise just before it happened. it will not start. if its the timing chain, is there any hope of repair short of replacing the engine? and how much would replacing it cost?

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will be very pricy. they wont be able to give you an exact estimate till they pull off the head and find the damage. i think about 1800 as a start. you may be looking at an engine replacement. if so, get several bids other than a dealer as aftermarket will be substantially cheaper than the dealer.

thanks Roy. Any ballpark on the upper limit to what a reasonable engine replacement would/should cost?
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elther put valve in head and replace timing chain or if a use engine
he delane, didn't quite understand your answer....was there more? thanks.