Engine stops on 2000 Audi A6

Yesterday in a warm climate the engine quit while exiting a freeway. Help pushing it off to the side, EPC indicator came on. After a cool down (was not overheating) the engine started and drove about .5 miles and stalled again. Waited about 1 hr. and started drove about 1 mile, stalled and called AAA to have it towed. EPC stayed on. Got home and started right up but have not driven it. Robotrak@aol.com

by in Garden Grove, CA on August 23, 2010
1 answer
ANSWER by on March 13, 2012
EPC is (electronic power control?) correct me if i'm wrong. It means theres something wrong with one of your electrical systems, needs to be scanned (vag-com'd) could be a faulty sensor, bad abs sensor, could be your auto leveling motor is fried or something... have it scanned..
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