Engine starved for fuel after Fuel filter changed on 1991 Mercedes-Benz 350SDL

I found only one fuel filter on the front of the engine. It was simple enough to replace, but I failed to fill the new filter with fuel first. I have cranked the engine enough that the new filter has fuel, but it will not start. Loosened the output hose while cranking and I did get some air out of the line, but it still will not start. Any suggestions would be nice.

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If you don't fill the fuel filter, well it could take a long time of cranking.Try cracking every other fuel line to each injector to let out some more of the air pockets until the engine starts to catch, then tighten them. You may want to consider some starting fluid, because if you crank the engine for too long, you will melt your starter motor, I mean this! Only crank the motor for 30 seconds, MAX, then let the starter cool for 2-3 minutes. That is how I was instructed to do it by Bosch, which created the injection system for your MB Diesel.
I got it started finally, but thanks for the words of wisdom. I will not do this again (forget to fill the filter, I mean.)