Engine starts runs for approx 20-30 sec then stops on 1996 Toyota RAV4

Problem is permeant it doesn't matter if you rev it or idle it won't go above 4,000rpm but it won't run any longer than 20-30 sec ... New fresh fuel added spark plugs added .. ... Spark present ... Again ideas guys ?

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Have the fuel pressure checked. The rubber tube from the air cleaner box to the engine in good shape? No tears or cracks in it, good and tight?
Yes chap ... Fuel pressure good air intake pipe good ... I've just seen something about a lack of memory in the ecu ... A reset required by touching the battery terminals together ( bat disconnect !!! ) or the efi main relay sticking some I'm going down those routes next !!
Thanks for your input !!!
How much fuel pressure, in psi? Good luck with that approach! Possible exhaust restriction.
Chap, LOL. I WISH!!