engine starts for 2 seconds then dies on 2003 Jeep Liberty

Ok Im gonna start with the beginning. First thing was i ran out of coolant and engine just began to overheat, filled it up with coolant. and im pretty sure engine light came on around the same time not completly sure. Engine code said it was misfiring ijn random cylinders, said 2 and 4. Then i reset it after changing all spark plugs. now code is back on says misfire in 2 and 5. Went to start the other day after running smooth and it began knocking and ideling funny. Didnt drive it anywhere and now it wont start, I changed 2 of the coil packs and checked the spark plugs all are sparking. Engine turns over but will only start after i crank it for about 10 seconds and it runs rough for only 2 seconds then dies. What is the problem , possible ect? Im completly lost!!

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