engine stalls when hot but restarts after short wait 15 minutes or so on 2000 Chevrolet Tracker

engine stalls when it is hot then will restart after waiting about 15 minutes or so, could it need a oxygen sensor?

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Same problem. Replacing the cam sensor and relay switch fixed it for me.
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I was told it was the egr valve
cam sensor ,it is on top rear of engine,the next time it stalls pour water on it ,water cools it down will start right up
I just had this problem for the past few months and could not figure it out...finally, my mechanic read up on Trackers and said to me..."let's check the CRANKSHAFT"...and, he was absolutely correct!


Also, I already had replaced my O2 sensor of luck to you!
I am having the same problem. Car was purchased 2nd hand and every conceivable repair has been made to it. I have spent approx. $2,000 in repairs but car still runs for about 20 - 25 minutes, cuts out and must cool down for 15 minutes or so before it will crank again. I noted the 3 answers and will follow up. Any other ideas about what could possibly be wrong. We have not replaced about all we can.