engine stalls at slow/stopping speed. A/C warms up! on 2006 Saturn Ion

Just recently my daughter reported her 2006 Saturn Ion, 2.4L4 having problems. She noted just before coming to a stop or in stopping the engine will vibrate/stall slightly and the A/C will get warm. Then when she proceeds to speed up the A/C gets cool shortly and the vibration stops.

Any suggestions? I'm thinking electrical on are around the engine or possibly the A/C.

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It sounds like you have an A/C and idle related problem. when the engine gets really slow, the A/C pump will not create enough flow to cool the car.
So,you need to find out why the idle is getting so low, try turning OFF the A/C and then driving the car, if the car drives and idles really smooth, then there is is an issue with the A/C. If the car still idles rough, then it is an engine control issue. So, here are 2 articles that I wrote about how to inspect either one of those issues.
For a 2003 ION, you will have a data streaming computer, so I would do this inspection, whether you have a Check Engine Light on or not. a good tech should be able to find the problem with out a code, most likely in the Idle control system.

A/C inspection article

let me know if you need more help