engine stalls and/or cuts off when coming to a stoplight on 1995 Mazda 626

Our 626 just started this , this yr. at first it would sometimes stall when coming to a light after driving for about 5-10 miles. Now it's doing it all the time. we've already replaced the mass air flow sensor as well as the mass air boot. still the problem is getting worse. now we just had a lot of rain and water got sucked up into the engine. we got most,if not, all of it out,but still the problem. could it be a problem in the intake manifold it self? if so, what's the best fix?

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Common problem on these engines is for the intake manifold gasket at the head to get sucked in and create a vacuum leak causing the complaint you have. Once you get the engine going, try spraying carb cleaner under the manifold at the joint to the head and see if it affects it's running. if you have a leak, it should cause the engine to smooth out and speed up temporarily. Be careful, brake or carb cleaner is highly inflammable and you don't wnat to overdo it or cause a fire. Just a shot of a half second or so should do it. I think there's an updated manifold gasket available at the Mazda dealer or use a good quality aftermarket like a Fel-Pro and if possible take a straightedge to the manifold to be sure that it's not warped much (0.004" or less would be real nice).
One more thing, especially if the manifold leak isn't present, check the EGR function. Make sure that it isn't sticking or leaking because that will cause the engine to stall. There has been a history of EGR problems on that engine too.