engine stalls on 1994 Honda Accord

my car starts and idel fine you can revel it up run great but when put in D4 or reverse engine stalls but i can keep it runing if i keep my feet on the gas and brake.car has a auto transmission. i have replaced the distributor gasket cap rotor button and coil.i have pulled the hose off the egr valve and their was no vaccum.what can i do next.

by in Lake Park, GA on August 26, 2012
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ANSWER by on August 26, 2012
COMMENT by on August 30, 2012
replaced the 2'coupling that go's to a small box next to the main air filter all hoses looks ok.
ANSWER by on August 29, 2012
The EGR should NOT be recieving a vacuum signal at idle. Test the idle air control motor .What is the idle RPM in park with A/C off? does the idle change slightly when you turn the A/C on?
COMMENT by on August 30, 2012
rpm with ac off is 500 turn on ac moves to 1000, checked for vac leaks changed map sensor same thing it feel like the trasmissiom has a lot of torke on the motor when put in gear at idel i can tell the motor mount are bad.one thing at a time.
COMMENT by on September 05, 2012
Change broken motor mount(s) and then check IAC (idle air control) valve. If you've had connectors off at the throttle body , check and make sure the TPS plug is in securely. AND just to be sure --the check engine light is NOT on correct?
COMMENT by on September 05, 2012
fixed mounts i was i was looking at other auto fix forums and one said it could be the automatic transmission clutch sticking. make any sense
COMMENT by on September 10, 2012
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