engine stalls on 2004 Dodge Durango

my durango stalls in heavy rain and in car washes. i just got a tune up and they said that would fix but it still does it?? anyone know what is causing this?

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My wife's Hemi Durango was stalling and we ended up changing the EGR vavlve and it solved the problem
I have this replaced as well, which we thought would help but it still stalls
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your intake manifold has a leak which sucks the water into the fuel mixture and causes the vehicle to sputter and or stall.
I did a vacumm check..needle steady leaks, I have a 2004 Limited Hemi-5.7 which stalls in the rain..I did complete tuned up (16)plugs/wires and replaced a faulty spark coil that broke when I removed to replc plug,,I checked engine at idle/& hi rpm at night in the dark, to look for electric arcs while I sprayed misty water on engine..nothing/no misses/the next rain it stalled on me again afterdriving in the rain 4-5 miles on the hiway..I suspect water is getting into the fuel intake and not the intake manifold..I'm going to spray the engine with waterproof/sealer for electrical exterior use...when car was in warranty dealer could find the problem after countless trips..they probably didn't check anything..
Your Cowl Panel is leaking water directly onto your engine. This is a common problem with your make and model of car, and a bulletin had been issued regarding it. The Cowl Panel is the large piece of plastic that comes in direct contact with your windshield and houses the wiper blades. To check to see if this is the problem, open your hood and pour water from a hose or pitcher to where it runs down your windshield. Look at your engine to see if the water leaking underneath the cowl panel and dripping straight onto your engine.
Water leaks down through the wiper pivot shaft on to the coil and plug causing a miss fire